The regions are at war. Roleplay as a Pokemon to stop it! Join the cause and defend your region!
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 The Regions and their Pokemon

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PostSubject: The Regions and their Pokemon   Tue May 03, 2011 5:41 pm

Pokemon: The Region War; Members

Kanto Region

Johto Region


Celebi - Guardian of Ilex Forest


Meganium - Guardian of Celebi
Bellossom - Guardian of Celebi

Hoenn Region

Sinnoh Region


Dialga - Creator of Time and Guardian of Spear Pillar


Lucario - Guardian of Dialga
Garchomp - Guardian of Dialga

Unova Region


Cobalion - Guardian of Mistralton Cave


Hydregion - Guardian of Cobalion

(Any admin welcome to edit)
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The Regions and their Pokemon
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